Sep 29

Hose Testing


Tuesday and Thursday had “A” shift testing fire hose. Tuesday we tested 7000′ of supply hose that is kept on our five engines and two ladder trucks. Thursday was our day to test hand lines, which are kept on all the apparatus with over 15,000′. Over 100 man-hours were spent ensuring the hose will not fail during fire suppression activities that we respond to over the next year. The hose testing must be completed every year for the benefit of our community. By testing our hose this helps with our Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating in the Hanover and Penn Township communities. By keeping our ISO rating low this helps to keep your fire insurances premiums lower.

Sep 26

FF Shoemaker Forever  Memorialized

Today, volunteers are placing a new batch of memorial bricks in the Walk of Honor at the National Fire Academy in Emmittsburg Md. honoring fallen firefighters, and our brother and friend Earl Shoemakers brick was one of them. A special thank you to Littlestown Fire Company president and firefighter Steve Laughman for sending us this photo. #NeverForget

Sep 23

SUV Runs Off Wilson Avenue


Engine 49-2 from the Clearview Fire Station responded along with EMS from Penn Township to Wilson Avenue and Industrial Drive in Hanover Borough for a vehicle reported over a bridge and down an embankment. Engine 49-2 arrived to find Hanover PD with the driver of a SUV that ran off the roadway, down the embankment, over a traffic sign and came to rest sitting in the grass, no injuries to the occupant.

Sep 23

Vehicle Accident With Fire Just Across Municipal Line


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Late this afternoon, Engine 49-1 assisted Pleasant Hill crews with a vehicle accident involving fire in the 1600 block of Baltimore Pike. Engine 49-1 arrived to find a minivan alongside the road, well involved. Engine 49-1’s crew, along with Pleasant Hill crews, extinguished the fire and overhauled the involved vehicle. Chief 52-1 (Morris) had the Baltimore Pike Command. Photos Courtesy West Manheim Township Police Dept.

Sep 23

Non-Injury MVA On Baltimore Street


A non-injury vehicle accident sent units to the area of Baltimore Street and Meadow Lane during the mid-morning hours. Engine 49-1 arrived to find a rollback and passenger vehicle involved, both off the roadway. The rollback narrowly missed a utility pole that contained multiple transformers and high tension lines. No injuries were found and Fire/EMS services were not needed.

Sep 18

EMS Crew Transports Injured Player


The football players from the Baresville Elementary football team takes a knee in a show of sportsmanship and respect while our EMS crew attend to an injured football player from the Manheim Vikings.

Sep 18

Olive Garden Lunch!


Today 14 members of Local 2045 received lunch from the Olive Garden Restaurant located on Wilson Avenue in Penn Township. They are doing a promotion for their new pasta bar and wanted to share with their first responders. Members enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs, chicken Alfredo, sausage, salad, and bread sticks for lunch. Thank you to the owners and employees of our local Olive Garden!

Sep 18

North Franklin Street House Fire


Hanover and Penn Township Fire Departments responded overnight for a house fire in the five hundred block of North Franklin Street, where firefighters found smoke showing from a house. Firefighters found smoky conditions throughout the house. A dehumidifier in the basement  is suspected as the cause of the fire.


Sep 17

B-Shift Training 

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B-Shift working in hose line advancement today.

Sep 13

A Pre-Dinner Work Out


Hanover firefighter Garibay has a little workout before dinner this evening at the Wirt Park Fire Station. Utilizing an large, very heavy Good Year tire, FF Garibay flipped it over and over again the whole length of the fire station before sitting down to dinner with his crew. Staying in shape is important for a firefighters health and safety.

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